Using the Fitting System

When you receive your fitting system all you need to do is follow our simple instructions shown below and choose which of the crowns that fits you best. and has ample room for your volume of breast tissue. Then simply return your crowns with your requested measurements noted on the order form. Include your payment, then leave the rest to us. It's that easy!

The Measurement Procedure

Step One: Chest Wall Measurement

figure 1 Figure 1 Measurements

This measurement is taken high under the arm and over the pectoral area of the chest. Keep the tape measure placed under the shoulder blades in back. This measurement is snug. If this measurement results in a ½ inch measurement, go down to the nearest whole number. If only making a half measurement, place your tape measure in the center of the chest wall and take it around to the back placing it on her backbone. Note this measurement as A.

NOTE: If you have the tape measure placed around the whole body, by keeping the tape measure snug, you will keep the tape measure in place for your next measurement.

Step Two: The Bust Measurement

This measurement is used only as a guideline to arrive at the approximate crown size. This measurement is taken loose and over the fullest part of the breast, the nipple area. If measuring half way use the fuller breast for this measurement. Note this measurement as B.

Step Three: Rib Cage Measurement

Place the tape measure under the breast area pulling it snug. If you have a full bust you may need assistance to hold the breast elevated while taking this measurement to obtain the proper result. If you arrive at a ½ inch sizing drop back to the lower whole number. If you are measuring only half way you may still need the breast elevated, Note this measurement as C.

Step Four: Record Measurements

Take the A, B & C values and record on the back of the order form where indicated.

Step Five: Determining the cup size

Remove your bra if still wearing it. You now want to determine the cup size to begin your fitting. Use your measurement B fullest part of breast and subtract your A chest wall measurement.

B = 13" − A = 37" = 6"
figure 2 Figure 2 Crown Placement

You will start your fitting with crown size 6 as in this example. Your measurements will help give you an idea of which crown to start your fitting with. If your measurements seem off, lean into the crowns sent in your fitting system and choose the one that fits best. If you feel non of the crowns fit correctly, note your A, B and C measurements and contact us for the solution. If you are small busted divide this by ½ to get a more accurate starting cup measurement. Ladies usually have a bra on that may have breast tissue hidden (under arms and compressed into the cups) When selecting your crown remove your bra.

Normally women have breast of two different sizes. Measure the fuller breast. The crown should be placed with the tab against the chest wall and the cup section where the bra cup should be after you have completed the fitting.

figure 3 Figure 3 Crown Positioning

Keeping the top tab of the fitting crown in place hold the sides of the crown against the body as if it were a total bra cup. Lean forward dropping the breast into the crown. After you are certain the tissue is placed inside the crown stand up straight and see if the breast fits totally into the cup. You will be holding the sides of the crown as pictured. (See Figure 3: Crown Positioning). The fabric is sheer so that you can see if the breast tissue is placed in the cup properly with no breast tissue under the cup. If you are pendulous see that the breast tissue has not creased and folder over in the crown. When your crown is fitted there should be a little room in the crown to allow the breast to firm and shift into the actual bra cups.When you are satisfied with your crown selection note the crown number on the back of the order form where indicated.

NOTE: Our cup sizes do not change with the band size. If your cup size is correct when you have a fitted garment but you need to change the size of the bra band size, only adjust the band and keep the cup the size you have already determined to be correct.
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